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Online coaching – diet and training.

Some people write to me and ask about the cooperation and the price.
I will describe briefly how I start working with someone, what we start with, what it looks like in practice. How we adjusts the diet, training, prophylaxis, etc.

First, answers to the most frequently asked questions:
YES, I also help men.
YES, I also help people who train as a hobby for themselves.
We start like this:

  1. Send me mail:
  2. I will send You a questionnaire with basic questions to complete.
  3. I will analyze your surveys with photos of your body (I need them to compare how your body is changing).
  4. I will send You proposal of diet, traning, supplement and cardio. This is free.
  5. Decision. At this point You make decision whether you want to cooperate with me.
  6. If you accept my offer, you pay (I’ll send a bank account) and I start making a plan for you.
  7. Durinmg cooperation I recommend that you send me report every 2 weeks.

What you will get :

  • Traning plan – suitable for your abilities and experienced
  • Diet – macro and meals plan in 2 versions. I also send list of products substitutes. You can change products from the list
  • Supplementation – to the organism needs, and prophylaxis health (for example liver protection, vitamins)


Advanced / Competitors
250 EURO / month

200 EURO / month

2 people
individual promotional price (300-400 euro / month)

Still interested? Let’s do it ?
Just send me mail:

More deteiled information on cooperation:
When you are intrested, i send you mail with questonnaire that include topics:

  • general: age, weight, dimensions, number and intensity of trainings, life activities, past diets, allergies, health problems
  • diet (more or less how you eat, how many meals prefer)
  • training (training plans, how many days you can go to gym)
  • (optional) AAS (what, how much, when)
  • goal – what you want to achive with me
  • other – you add what you consider important
  • pics of body – I need to know where we start and to see how Your body is changinge

You can cover your face!
The photo of the body shape is very important to compare every few weeks to see the changes.


  • I consider how often you can train
  • I consider age, experience, body’s functional capabilities
  • Plan suitable for the purpose (strength, shredding, muscle mass building, competitions etc.)
  • Trening plan is stuctered with long term periodisation
  • I adopt progression

You get: macro only or proposed meals plan in 2 versions and substitutes.

In some cases I make 80% of the diet, and rest 20% You can choose yourself. In the case od eating disorder, this is better approach because it does not make to much restrictions. For examle, a diet of 2500kcl – from which I arrange 2000kcl and client choose the remaining 500kcl himself.

I don’t make diet plans for vegan.

If you need to, I choose supplements supporting health (e.g. liver protection, omega 3) and supplementing vitamins. Wit D is a must for everyone all year round. I pay a lot of attention to my health and I regularly send for medical examinations. It is mandatory for people using AAS.

Other comments:

  • I listen to you – You listen to me – this is cooperation
  • contact only by e-mail
  • cooperation shorter than 3 months will not rise spectacular effects. We can do a lot in 3 month. But remember: if you want 'WOW’
    effect we need more time 🙂
  • trust me and let me be your online coachdiet and training.

Clients who trusted me. Their effects here.